Client Self-Initiated
Concept / Illustration

There’s nothing more entertaining than good movies. The moving medium, mostly supported by music, sound and text, which together with pictures create ambience and tension. Film posters, on the other hand, should give a first, small insight into the respective film material in a few fractions of a second, reduced to the most essential design elements. Pictograms are simple signs reduced to the essential.

Minimalist signs help us to find our way around. Whether on a smartphone, at the airport or inside a company building – pictograms are part of everyday life and are indispensable. Whether Chur or New York – the small symbols point the way to the emergency exit or show us where the next toilet is. Pictograms represent complicated facts in a quick and easy way. They function internationally, across language barriers and cultural boundaries.

On various film posters I tell the most elementary part of the respective film – completely without words. These are exclusively pictograms that are reduced to a minimum and therefore have a particularly strong effect. With as few icons as possible, I have tried to get the films to the point in an understandable way.

Interpreting the symbols is not easy, on some posters you have to think longer about what is really happening or meant and often you can smile.