Client HTW Digezz
Concept / Diretion / Camera / Drone / Postproduction / Animation

Just take a break and withdraw – forget the time. Being alone can be beautiful. No obligations. No stress. Nothing.

Some people are better at being alone than others. Some people are loud. Some are quiet. Some are already making the biggest speeches at school, while others are sitting in the back row and drowning in their inconspicuousness.

But everyone has to learn to be alone. Or should it learn. Because sooner or later it happens to everyone. For the new job you move to a foreign city, relationships break up, family members and friends die.

But to be alone does not mean to be lonely. A person is lonely when he misses other people around him. But being alone is not about missing. Being alone needs courage and means independence.

On this topic we produced LUX. The light installations are symbolic of being alone. When abandoned, they shine in the midst of nature. And although they stand alone against the mighty landscapes, they contribute their part to the whole. They create something magical, even dreamy..